Commercial quality solution dyed carpet tiles with 10 year warranties is just one of the benefits you’ll experience when buying carpet from Carpet Tile Wholesalers. What does this mean?

Commercial Quality:
Many carpet tile manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike offer commercial quality carpet tiles. Their entry level Nylon carpet tiles usually beginning at prices beyond $29/m2. These products will generally have a pile weight of 19oz – 23oz (450g/m2 – 550g/m2). At Carpet Tile Wholesaler our entry level commercial carpet tile PRO2, starts at a whopping 27oz (27g/m2) pile weight. The higher density of carpet tile, means your carpet will be more resilient to pile crushing. Consequently, pile crunching is the primary contributor of traffic wear on your carpet.

Solution Dyed:
Manufactures of carpet tiles use different methods to colour carpet fibres. All carpet tiles available from Carpet Tile Wholesalers are solution dyed to ensure the colour is locked in for long lasting vibrant colours even when exposed to sunlight.

10 Year Warranties:
All our commercial carpet tiles are backed with a 10 yr warranty for your peace of mind. Our inclusive 10yr warranty covers you from problems caused by wear, static and delamination.

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